fine line/wrinkles

Why does the skin wrinkle when we age?

At some point in our lives we all start to see the signs of aging in our skin, this includes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whether it be the dreaded “crows feet” and “frown line” between the brows or the cute laughter lines that maybe aren’t so cute anymore, regardless what you call them they show up eventually.

Sadly as the aging process occurs when the two components that help make up the structure of our skin – Collagen and Elastin begin to break down. This dystrophy of our skin is the cause partly from intrinsic aging (natural genetic aging) but the biggest causes are extrinsic ageing. Extrinsic aging are a combination of causes such as environmental factors – UV damage and pollutants. Lifestyle – smoking, alcohol, extreme dieting and exercise.

How do we stop or help prevent fine lines/wrinkles?

Of course prevention is the best way to help avoid this issue however not all of us have been lucky enough to be taught how to care for our skin correctly.
Best prevention is a good skincare regime and MOST importantly the correct use of a daily broad spectrum sunscreen.
For those who are needing to correct the damage which has already occured fortunately there are many options now available to treat those pesky lines.

What treatments can treat fine lines/ wrinkles?

Laser skin rejuvenation/tightening
Skin peels

What products can treat fine lines/ wrinkles?

  • Sothys BX wrinkle corrector
  • Sothys retinol dermobooster
  • Dermaquest A2 serum
  • Dermaquest C3 serum

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