Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Plasma skin tightening (also sometimes knows as Fibroblast skin tightening) is performed with a plasma pen. It is one of the quickest growing treatments for skin rejuvenation and is best known for the plasma eye lift. This is a Non-Surgical eyelift that provides instant tightening, lifting and a progressive remodelling and rejuvenation effect.
The Plamere™ plasma device supplies energy between a metallic tip and the skin, where plasma (ionised air) carbonises the surface of skin and turns the skin’s material into gas (sublimation). This process is similar to when lightening occurs between ionised air and the earth.The Plamere™ plasma device creates genuine plasma output not an electrical current. This plasma arc permits precise ‘soft surgery’ such as skin tag and mole removal as well as effective non-surgical blepharoplasty (eye lid correction) and a range of other treatments using sublimation, fulguration and electrocoagulation. The device provides safe acne treatments using a plasma ring with a disposable patch. Plasma lifting utilises a 500Hz modulated frequency which is specialised for deep wrinkles treatment. Additionally the device has permeating and fractional tips which allow treatment to boost the transdermal absorption of cosmetics.
The plasma skin treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical skin tightening, but there is downtime of 1-2 weeks for healing of skin after the procedure. The results develop over 6 -12 weeks and the outcome from one plasma pen treatment will not be seen for up to 12 weeks after treatment. Sometimes more than one treatment is required; the second treatment is performed at 12 weeks.

What Are the Advantages of This Skin Lifting Treatment Vs Surgery?

Results like you’ve had surgery – Without going under the knife!
No cutting of the skin!
No stitches or scars!
No risk of tight eyelids or scars after surgery!
Minimal side effects!
Can return to work same day!
Significant cost savings!
In contrast to conventional surgery, the skin cannot be ‘over lifted’. The technology used means that once the skin has reached maximum lifting point, it just stops working. So it is guaranteed that only the natural excess skin is reduced.
Fibroblast Is the Perfect Procedure to Treat

Under Eye Area
Upper Eye Lid Area
Crows Feet
Forehead Lift
Glabellar Frown Lines (Between Brows)
Horizontal Forehead Lines
Upper Lip (smokers lines)
Lower Lip
Marionette Lines
Skin Regeneration
Acne Treatment
Skin Tags
Mole Removal (Flat or Raised)
Scar Removal
Age Spots(Benign Skin)

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